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Do Not Use Medical Abbreviations


Our Do Not Use Abbreviation (DNU) Posters, MousePads, and Stickers improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers in a colorful and attractive manner.

SBAR Poster SBAR Poster Do Not Use List Sticker
  Stock Do Not Use List Poster
Includes the Joint Commission's®
Standard Do Not
Use List.
Custom Do Not
Use List Poster

Our custom poster allows you to add your organization's Do Not use List, plus your logo.
Do Not Use List Sticker
Stock    Custom

As a reminder to staff, our stickers fit perfectly on clipboards, countertops, desk backboards where charting is done, medication carts, inside covers of patient paper charts, and anywhere else documentation occurs.

Medication Reconciliation and Preventing Medical Errors

SBAR Poster SBAR Poster
  Medication Reconciliation Poster
Our poster is a constant reminder of the steps to be taken for reconciliation of medications across the continuum of care.
Prevent Medication
Errors Poster

Our poster reinforces the Joint Commission's® patient safety standards 3.3.1 through 3.5.1.
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