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We are honored to be working with the following organizations to bring the best solutions and opportunities for recovery to our customers.

Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center: PRC

Infinite resources on spinal cord injury, paralysis and mobility related disabilities are offered by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center (PRC). The PRC provides a comprehensive, national source of information for people living with paralysis and their caregivers to promote health, foster involvement in the community and improve quality of life.

The Joint Commission: Division of Standards and Survey MethodHospitals, Language, and Culture:  A Snapshot of the Nation is a cross-sectional qualitative study designed to explore how 60 hospitals across the country provide health care to culturally and linguistically diverse patient populations. The first of the reports from this study, released in March 2007, highlights the efforts of hospitals to meet the needs of diverse patients and provides recommendations to help hospitals improve these efforts.  Recommendations also call upon policymakers and researchers to work collaboratively to better understand the ways that care can be improved to diverse populations.  Future reports will highlight promising practices identified in the study, the experience of a hypothetical patient with limited English proficiency who navigates the health system, and perspectives of hospital CEOs. 

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