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Through our collaborations with researchers and clinicians we have been provided the following feedback:

Well it's just not feasible to call every time the patient wants to tell you something and so the patient laid there for 2 days unable to communicate with any of us... until I remembered we had one of those boards in Korean.  I found it and gave it to him.  He liked it and smiled.  It was the first smile he gave me.  He quickly checked 9 different things using both sides of the board.  I could even point to phrases and ask him things like pain."

"We now use several of the different language boards and it has made a tremendous difference with our non-English speaking patients because really no one calls the translator every time they approach they bed.  If you don't have it.  Buy it.  Our patients and nurses love it."

"I am so impressed with what a difference this board has made for our patients.  I really had no idea."

"This is a needed product to improve communication rather than lip-reading or guessing about what the patient is trying to say."

"I have already indicated to our director that this looks professional and like it would be "Best Practice". It does require that the individual can still read which may be an impairment post-stroke."

"It took a while to get my nurses to use the board, but now I think everyone appreciates being able to work with their patients better." 

"Sometimes it can be difficult to get the patient to use it.  It can really require a lot of patience. Every once in a while I see a patient really engaged with it and it makes it all worthwhile."

"It's not always the best solution, but it is definitely sometimes the only solution.  Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to solving this problem. I look forward to seeing your new products."